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Colour Me Lucky

About Colour Me Lucky

Colour Me Lucky is somewhere for everyone that has been dragged along with this “New age thought” of “Like attracts like” and so forth.  It’s a little bit of fun when all of the emails about positive attitude, coaches jumping into your inbox telling you how to become a millionaire just by thinking about it, and the plethora of images of slender women doing head stands to show how yoga can help you feel more centred, all get a little bit overwhelming. It’s a little bit of solitude when we need to take a breather from all of the confusing information that’s constantly bombarding us via social media and endless e-mail after e-mail.

Heard Of “The Secret”? Of Course You Have!

Once the movie “The Secret” was released information about the law of attraction and the vast amount of stuff that goes along side has steadily found it’s way in to our news feeds, emails, minds and lives.  Come on, you know the emails I’am talking about.  The ones that give lists of affirmations to try, or guided meditation audio’s, or life coaches charging an arm and a leg to help you cut ties with the past.  We have all had an emails like this or at least have that one Facebook friend who promotes either positive thinking or positive attitude.

To Much Information!

While I do really enjoy reading self help books, and learning as much as I possibly can about the law of attraction, I started getting lost in all of the information and contradicting execrsizes out there.   It felt like you had to take a course to just cover the basics. I once looked forward to the kids going to sleep so I could sit down and find every book I could on the law of attraction and download straight to my kindle library.  I enjoyed they way it made me feel, I felt in control, and happier.  But somewhere along the line it all got a bit to serious for me and the endless amount of sub-categories the law of attraction has has made it seem impossible to learn it all in order for me to reach that state of spiritual enlightenment so many talk about.

Colour Me Lucky Was Born

That’s when it hit me.  I didn’t have to know everything about the law of attraction.  I just had to enjoy what I was learning.  I was far more relaxed and happy when I knew very little and was right at the beginning of my spiritual journey.  I thought about what I enjoyed about not just the law of attraction but in life in general,  What were my passion’s, what got my attention. I lay in bed and thought about how I could make my passion’s something that everyone could enjoy all the while creating that feeling I got when first learning about the law of attraction…… And Colour Me Lucky was born.

 We do want to be part of this amazing movement that is all about self empowerment, and living the life of your dreams, I mean who doesn’t want to live their dream life right? Are you like me and are feeling kind of left out, or guilty even, that everyone else seems to be on this journey of self discovery and you just can’t seem to get in to it??  Well, let us show you a fun and easy way that you can invite positivity/luck in to your everyday life, without having to hire a life coach.

To find out everything about the colour me lucky concept, to hear from people that have tried the colour me lucky make up match, then click on the tabs below.  If you read nothing else, please read the hypothesis as it gives a real sense of what we are all about.

We use simple colour theory to evoke positivity and luck, and what’s more these colours are personal to you as they are your lucky colours deciphered by what Zodiac sign your are.  It doesn’t end there.  We have experts and the following fields who give their advice for free, to help you implement your personal lucky colours in the best way for you. We let you in on secrets on how to use your lucky colours via your make-up, with tips and tricks all tried and tested by professionals that our Make-up guru picked up during her time assisting at high profile master classes. Not only that but this make up know how is combined with our colour theory knowledge to give you completely customised cheat sheet on how to apply the correct shade of lucky colour in order to compliment your eye colour. For the more experienced make-up user, our in house make-up artist gives the low down on how to apply your lucky colour and compliment colour in order to get the most beautiful finish but with a little edge, with added luck from your lucky colour’s.  We have a Fashion stylist that will arm you with every weapon so that you can choose the perfect outfit depending on your height, and body type, this is also combined with our extensive knowledge of colour theory, so you know just how to wear your lucky colours, this type of way to use your lucky colours along with using your lucky colours via your make-up seems to be very popular with women (that doesn’t mean if you’re a guy you can’t try it, this concept is for any and every gender) who are doing their fist big public speaking events, or women going on important dates, Yep, its time to ditch those lucky knickers and give this concept a try, or ladies going for that all important interview.  And if you are wondering if any of them had any type of success during these important events then keep reading till the testimonials, and for a hypothesis from myself on how I think lucky colours do or do not work.  And lastly we have an interior design extraordinaire and Feng Shui enthusiast, with knowledge of everything you need to know on colours, how they can completely change your mood depending on where in your home they are situated, and how using your lucky colours combined with a little basic, easy to get the hang of, Feng Shui tips can greatly improve the overall feeling within your home.  What’s not to like about that, I mean that’s what self discovery, and the journey of learning the “New age thought” is all about, being happier, feeling more positive within ourselves, and in our homes.  Striving and working towards a better, more improved life, but, all the while still totally loving the life and the you, you are right now.  That is the type of thing we are trying to promote here at Colour Me Lucky.

Here is an e-mail I received from one gal who contacted me when I first put up a post on Facebook about the colour me lucky concept.  I simply asked if there would be anyone willing to give using their lucky colours a try and I had a massive response, at the time I could only choose a couple of people to try it out and give all the relevant information to. I had nothing written up on the subject, I was totally caught off guard in regards to the response I had.  Here is what she had to say:

Hey, Annmarie I am just writing to let you know that your lucky colours thing really works!!!  After I got everything I had to know I done my make-up using my lucky colour, the tips that you gave were also amazing and actually really easy to get to grips with, I went out with my boyfriend of 3 years and he got down on one knee in front off a restaurant full of people and asked me to marry him, I had no idea, I am not stupid and know that he probably pre planned it, but, I was meant to be going to a work meeting where I would be doing a presentation in front of my boss and managers which was the original reason for me applying my make up, I felt like I needed all the luck I could get, it was cancelled at the last minute, so, he took me out for a meal as its actually my birthday, so, I got the best birthday present ever.

 Melanie Brooks, 29, Essex

This is just one example of the testimonials we have had.  Now, here is a quick description of what I personally think is going on when the people I have given the relevant information to use it and get the feelings they do.

Now, if you are wondering whether or not using lucky colours actually works, well, I think what you believe is entirely up to you. There is no scientific proof, that says wearing a certain colour will change or impact on a certain event. However there is plenty of scientific evidence that shows just how much colours can impact our mood and feelings.  For example, when you are feeling down, the colour yellow has been proven to make you feel better, it is also one of the colours that falls in to the category of being a stimuli.  And while we are on stimulating colours another one of these colours is red which, has been shown to actually raise blood pressure. This is why men in particular feel that women look good in red, as they can feel a rise in blood pressure.  While at the other end of the spectrum looking at pale blue, or, lilac can be very calming to the mind.  As for interior design, it is these factors which come in to play, choosing a different colour within the home can instantly lift a drab, heavy feeling room.  And change it to one of a more light airy, relaxed atmosphere.  With all that in mind, what I personally think is happening when people such as Mel, who’s testimonial we have above, uses the likes of lucky colours combined with some expert advice is this.  The feeling of being given professional advice, mixed with looking lovely thanks to the expert tips and tricks, causes a boost in confidence.  That, combined with the lucky colours and of course the colour theory knowledge, (which acts as the biggest factor in all of this. As a shade of one colour, can have drastically different reactions to another. Such as red and pink.  Two totally different reactions. Red which as we discussed earlier is a stimulant which causes a rise in blood pressure, where pink creates  a much more light, relaxing feeling) that we all here at Colour Me Lucky have very extensive knowledge of  (you are in safe hands honey). may have that strong of an impact that the user actually does feel lucky.  After all, what is the first thing every self help, or LOA book teaches?  Is like attracts like, if you feel lucky then you are lucky.

In my personal opinion I think that it has more of an impact on their confidence, and maybe the fact that because we truly believe that implementing our lucky colours in our everyday life, really can improve chances of an event, the belief has that big of an unconscious impact that we carry ourselves different, we feel instantly much more confident, like we have a secret weapon which gives us the edge over the competition, that all adds to us acting much more confident. And we all know what a little bit of confidence can do for a person. It can completely transform a person. For some of us who suffer with shyness or anxiety a little bit of luck, positivity, confidence, empowerment, whatever you want to call it, is all that is needed in order to blossom. 

The most rewarding clients our in house make-up artist had, when she was working within the industry were the people who came in as quiet as could be. Very shy and who seemed very intimidated by the whole “getting dolled up” thing. But left really enjoying what they saw looking back at them by the end of the session.  The ladies who were terrified of getting up on stage to do a speech in front of hundreds of people, or the bashful bride who was so very self conscious, the last thing she wanted was for everyone’s eyes to be on her, but, left feeling like super stars.  Those people were the most rewarding jobs she had ever done. She tells us just how much pleasure she got from empowering women, and part of her passion and one of the many reasons she got in to make-up artistry was the drive she had for making people feel good about themselves.  And, this concept at colour me lucky does that for people from all walks of life.  

The belief in the Lucky Colours is something that really helps. And as already mentioned, is something that is taught within the “New Age Thought”. If you really want to have the life you have always dreamt of you firstly must believe, without hesitation, with 100 percent faith, that you can have it, that it is yours for the taking, and deep inside you must also feel it, you must be able to feel now, what you may feel when you have hit your target of finally being able to live that life you have longed for.  

Although, it does help, I also have proof that it’s not necessary. I did have a lady who was a bit of a sceptic and to be honest was a bit rude about the whole concept. She made it very clear how she felt via social media. And we all know what happens when one person has the courage to say that they do not think something will work.  Yep, a few more chime in and follow suit. Instead of going back and forth via social media I just wrote “check your inbox hun”.  I emailed her  and sent  all of the information she needed, the same information I gave to everyone else.  I asked of all the women who took part if they would so for 7 days in a row. On the first day I received a horrid email from the lady who pretty much said that colour me lucky was the most ridicolous thing she’d ever heard.  The e-mail from her went on to say I was a fake and the entire company is not lead by experts but by imbeciles.  Yeah it was a fun read (said sarcastically).  I just brushed it off and asked her to just stick with it, which she agreed to after some twisting of the arm.  And by day 4 she had emailed me once again.  As soon as I saw her name pop up in my inbox my stomach fell to the floor.  I opened it and there it was, an e-mail saying that she had just had one of the best days of her life. After bumping in to an old flame.  They ended up going for lunch together. They exchanged phone numbers, and she was relieved that she had stuck to it, if only for the simple fact that she knew her makeup was on point thanks to the tips from our makeup guru.  She stated that she did definatley feel much more confident knowing that she was looking hot (her words).   Its fair to say that she did right her wrong by letting everyone on my Facebook page and group know what had transpired for her throughout the 7 days she tried the concept out. And although she does not wear makeup every day she does use the Colour Me Lucky concept when going on days or nights out and attending important events.  She uses the same make-up routine every time, and picks her outfits using the tips and tricks given to her.

The one thing that Colour Me Lucky does is instils or re-ignites self belief within people that may have had loads of self belief and lost it. Or for some who have struggled to believe in themselves pretty much all their lives,  its another method that is easy, and fun and can easily be incorporated in to your everyday life through routine.  I hope to receive many more emails from people who have used Colour Me Lucky and have had their lives improved by it.  The only thing that is left to do is for you to give it a try. You have got nothing to loose. But all of the confidence in the world to gain.

Colour Me Lucky – The beauty of having a little luck in your life.


Want to try it?

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