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Lucky Colours For Aries 2020

Lucky Colours For Aries 2020

Hello my ever so passionate and fiery friend.  My dear Aries, you are a one of the fire signs which is interesting since one of your lucky colours would evoke thoughts of fire.  You are one of the most determined signs of the zodiac and the dedication you give to each and every project you feel passionate about is set to pay off in 2020.  Read on to find your lucky colours for the year and how they resonate with what is predicted to transpire for you this year.

Here is a list of the colour’s that are sure to bring you luck and positivity this year. And to be honest, it comes as no surprise that these colours represent you this year.

Your lucky colours are white, yellow and red. When you take a minute to think about what each of these colours mean and what your horoscope predictions are for this year its amazing. This year for the Aries tribe its all about becoming the best possible version of yourself. You are seeking new projects and with these new found hobbies, interests or projects comes great success of some kind. It could be a love interest which may kindle  a  happy, long lasting relationship. Or it could be a career change you have always had in mind which starts to come to fruition. What is very clear is that this year you are beginning something new that you have never tried before and you are going to fall in love with it. You are to have great success with it too.

What your lucky colours mean/represent.

The colour red stands for power, determination, and passion. This could point in the relationship direction due to the passion representation or it could symbolise a promotion where you will have more power.  It may simply mean you are going to feel more powerful within yourself as you take control of your life and start to like where it is going.

 The colour yellow is a very stimulating colour which evokes feelings of happiness it also heightens mental activity.  This may signify the happiness your new ventures will bring, and could be  a sign that your new endeavour will keep your mind sharp. 

White is considered to be the colour of perfection and can represent a successful new beginning, this is pretty self explanatory, it’s obvious this colour covers your years prediction in full.

If you are attending an interview, or some kind of meeting I would wear white or red for luck.  A white shirt and red tie, or white shirt and red lipstick perhaps.  How ever you incorporate these colours into your outfit doesn’t matter.  What matters is that they will bring you that little bit of luck you may need in order to get that little foot up.

How unbelievable is that!! Each of your lucky colours has a meaning or can be linked to what is predicted to transpire for you.

Round Up

Whether the colours do bring luck is a mystery.  But, where is the harm in trying it out.  We have developed a concept where you can use your lucky colours in your everyday life through your makeup or your clothes.  We customise a step by step guide for you.  We give a small questionnaire which asks what eye colour, hair colour and skin tone you have, and what body shape you are.  Then we give you a step by step guide on how to use your lucky colours in your makeup, but, totally customised to you.  So, for example if you had blue eyes and are an Aries, we would make sure that the lucky colours for Aries were in the perfect tone or shade to make blue eyes pop.  And if you had a pale complexion we would ensure it was teamed with another colour which brightens the complexion (such as pink, pink instantly lifts a pale complexion). We would also do the same for you but using fashion.

Our in house makeup artist and fashion forecaster have joined forces to create this amazing concept.  It has been tried and tested on a group of 100 women who did report that some lucky things happened during their time using their lucky colours.  We here at The Beauty & Lifestyle Blog have come to the conclusion that the women feel more confident due to the customised cheat sheet they receive. Which totally transforms the way they carry themselves, they feel more positive and good about themselves. Its probably not the power of the lucky colours, the luck has been inside them all along. 

One thing this concept seems to do is it brings shy, conscientious individuals out of their safe place in the background.  And creates a confident empowered best version of themselves.

If the Colour Me Lucky concept is something you think you would like to try then fill out the form below.

If you want to see what your friends lucky colours are then click here to check out some of the other zodiac signs lucky colours.

Live, Love, Laugh, SLAY!

Colour Me Lucky Questionnaire

Enter the best email address to send your step by step guide.
Where did you hear about The Beauty & Lifestyle Blog (example: Facebook, Instagram)
Please enter your hair colour (example: Blonde). This will ensure the most complimentary colours are used in your guide.
Please enter your eye colour (example: Blue) We need this in order to match your lucky colour perfectly.
Please enter your sign here (example: Aries, Leo)
Please enter what type of skin tone you have (example: tanned, pale) This ensure the correct shade and tone of colours are used within your guide.
Aries Tee

Just for good measure we thought we would do a fashion find for each sign, either in their resident lucky colours or with something that symbolises each sign.

We came across this beauty.  Available at Nasty Gal for only £11.  We love it, it young, funky, fresh and sooo very you Aries.

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