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Lucky colour’s For Leo 2020

Lucky Colour's For Leo 2020

Well, my fiery Leo.  You are one of the fire signs, you are the leader of the zodiac signs.  You possess traits that others envy.  You are a lion in your own right, someone who is ready to fight injustice and make sure your recognised and respected for doing so.  Your lucky colours will help guide you through 2020, and ensure you get the outcome you want in every part of your life.

beautiful Leo lady. Zodiac sign.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer my lovely Leo. After all I, know you do not like to be kept waiting.  Here are your lucky colour’s for 2020.  They do represent a few scenarios that are predicted to transpire for you in your yearly zodiac sign reading.

The colour’s that are set to bring you some much-deserved luck this year are gold, red, and orange.  The colour gold sits well with Leo as Leo’s tend to have such a royal air about them. And red and orange bring thoughts of fire which makes sense since you are one of the fire signs.  This year Leo’s are set to be recognised for hard work they have been putting into something.  This something could be a relationship, a personal project, or something in your career.  Rewards are coming your way Leo, and having some lucky colours knowledge may help you brace your self for all of the joy and success that’s headed your way. 

What your lucky colour's mean/represent.

The meaning that the colour of gold holds is important for you this year. You have been putting a lot of hard work into something and your dedication will pay off this year. The colour gold represents wealth, grandeur and prosperity.  This may signify the pay rise you have been waiting for, or it could be a symbol of the life your hard work will earn you. Whatever it is you are going to be rewarded for all your efforts.Orange, as well as red, are both connected to you in a big way, you are a fire sign and these colour’s evoke thoughts of fire.  Orange symbolises success, happiness and creativity.  Again I think this relates to the success and happiness you will feel when you gain the recognition for all of the hard work you have put into something.  That something does not have to be career-wise, it could simply be the hard work you have been putting in on yourself.  Have you been on a spiritual journey? or figuring out where you want to go in life?? So think about what it is you have been working hard on and that is where you are predicted to reap rewards. And lastly red.  This colour represents passion and love.  Your love life prediction for 2020 is somewhat of an interesting one.  It seems that you will have more passion than love in your life this year.  A no strings attached relationship is something which will appeal to you more this year, rather than a full-on relationship.  Although passion is one of the big things red represents, it could also symbolise power, determination and leadership. As we have mentioned Leo’s are born leader’s.  This colour may be a symbol of your personality traits.If you are attending an important meeting of some kind, especially if its one that relates to money. A meeting at the bank or with investors perhaps.  I would wear gold.  Even if it’s just a little gold in the pinstripes of a tie or skirt.  Make use of the positivity this colour has for you and use it when you can.  What harm will it do? None.  But it could give you the little foot up you need. How cool is that!! Each colour can be connected to a personality trait or scenario which is predicted to transpire for you this year.

Round Up

Whether the colours do bring luck is a mystery.  But, where is the harm in trying it out?  We have developed a concept where you can use your lucky colours in your everyday life through your makeup or your clothes.  We customise a step by step guide for you.  We give a small questionnaire which asks what eye colour, hair colour and skin tone you have, and what body shape you are.  Then we give you a step by step guide on how to use your lucky colours in your makeup, but, totally customised to you.  So, for example, if you had blue eyes and are an Aries, we would make sure that the lucky colours for Aries were in the perfect tone or shade to make blue eyes pop.  And if you had a pale complexion we would ensure it was teamed with another colour which brightens the complexion (such as pink, pink instantly lifts a pale complexion). We would also do the same for you but using fashion.Our in house makeup artist and fashion forecaster have joined forces to create this amazing concept.  It has been tried and tested on a group of 100 women who did report that some lucky things happened during their time using their lucky colours.  We here at The Beauty & Lifestyle Blog have come to the conclusion that the women feel more confident due to the customised cheat sheet they receive. Which totally transforms the way they carry themselves, they feel more positive and good about themselves. Its probably not the power of the lucky colours, the luck has been inside them all along. One thing this concept seems to do is it brings shy, conscientious individuals out of their safe place in the background.  And creates a confident empowered best version of themselves.If the Colour Me Lucky concept is something you think you would like to try then fill out the form below.If you want to see what your friend’s lucky colours are then click here to check out some of the other zodiac signs lucky colours.

Live, Love, Laugh, SLAY!

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Red fashion for Leo.

We thought we’d add a little zodiac sign fashion in each post.  Either with the sign written on the garment, or in a lucky colour.  So, this is a little bargain we found for our Leo ladies.  And with it coming up to valentine’s day we thought it was just perfect.  What else makes it even more perfect is that it’s currently on sale at Parisian Fashion for only £8. Click here to check it out for yourself.


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