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Lucky Colour’s For Taurus

Lucky colour's for Taurus.

Well, my dear Taurus, if you take a quick look at what 2020 is predicted to bring you, you will see the link between your horoscope prediction and your lucky colour’s for this year.  With your lucky colour’s being WHITE, PINK, and, GREEN.  Your horoscope predicts that this year you will under go some kind of transformation. That may be in your love life, wealth, or work.  I have an inkling that it will be in your house of love.  With unexpected visits from exes appearing on your doorstep, 2020 should be an interesting year.  It also states that you will be rewarded half way through the year in some way.  Now, vague though it is this is actually spot on in regards to your lucky colours and their meanings.  White means new beginnings and understanding, its a very positive colour to have on your side.  The colour pink is the universal colour for love, this is why I think that there will be some kind of shake up in the love department for you.  And green means renewal, and growth, it also symbolises money so with that being said maybe your in for a windfall that will transform your life.  Either way its looking like 2020 is going to be an exciting year for you.  Better fasten your seat-belt Taurus.

And just a quick heads up.  The colour’s red and yellow are ones that you should try your best to stay away from.  If you have a big event, interview or date coming up, do not wear these colours.  They may just have enough influence to ruin something great.

Lucky colour make-up match

If that has wet your appetite for more information on lucky colours then look no further.  Lucky colour makeup match, shows you how to incorporate your lucky colours in to your everyday life, to help boost positivity and luck.  There has been a vast amount of research gone in to this.  The research clearly shows that colours can affect our mood.  That concept entwined with the colour knowledge of our in house makeup artist has created a masterpiece, which guarantee’s to boost your confidence, luck and positivity.  

What is Colour Me Lucky & The Lucky Colour Makeup Match?

We take your eye colour, and your lucky colours.  We then give you all of the secret insider tips and tricks, all tried and tested by professional makeup artists, some of those makeup artists are celebrity makeup artists too.  We then give you a complete step by step guide completely customised to you.  The guide gives what lucky colour, what shade of lucky colour, along with eye makeup application trade secrets, to use in order to make you look your very best self.  Everything is catered to you.  We can even take it one step further and customise your lucky colour makeup match to your skin tone too.  

This is perfect if you have a big event coming up such as an interview of first date.

Tried & Tested On 100 Ladies.

We have already used our concept on 100 ladies who all had big events coming up in their lives and the results were amazing.

Most of our ladies told us that it was a mixture of feeling much more confident due to the tips and tricks they were able to apply their makeup much more efficiently.  They looked better thanks to their eye colour being matched to the perfect shade of lucky colour for them.  This boost of positivity actually came from inside those women.  They instantly stood taller, spoke louder and felt their best self thanks to our concept.  It boosts confidence, which in turn brings positivity and luck.  

It’s a fun way to make yourself feel better while bringing all the luck you will ever need your way.

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