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Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

I had heard a lot about this eye shadow but when I saw it in Stylishly Merry which is a dreamy metallic purple colour I had to have it.  To look at it’s mesmerising.  It might just be me since I adore the colour purple so here are some images so you get a visual on what I mean. 

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

I just had to try this product as I have read so many great things about it I thought it simply cannot be that good.  Well, looks like I was wrong.  For you ladies who are after a quick summary of the product here it is here….

Quick Summary (1 Min Read)

Overall this is a wonderful product. I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It can be applied wet or dry  which is great. We love multi-tasking products here at the beauty and lifestyle blog, so this is right up our street.  This colour was originally a limited edition colour back in 2015 when these eye shadows were first released. I came across it on lookfantastic’s website for only £16.50, which is pretty cheap when we are talking MAC products.

This lasted all day, it did not crease, the colour did not fade.  I would give it a 5 star rating!!  I know right.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  It’s honestly a great product.  It’s a product that does more than just one thing. So, you do not need a lot so it will last you a lifetime.  It has been created extremely well, I have mine in my handbag most of the time. And it’s one of only very few that have not broken and ended up as nothing more than colourful residue on the bottom of my favourite handbag. 

Carry on reading for a more in depth description of the product.

Detailed Description

The formula is pretty amazing.  When used dry it is soft.  It goes on nicely, it does not crease and lasted me for roughly 6 hours without fading.

MAC describe the finish to this formula from “sheer crystallised light” to “highly polished metallic effect” when used wet.  Which to be honest is a pretty accurate description.  You get a beautiful wash of colour when using it dry, and when used wet the colour intensifies.  It gives a deep luxurious finish which dries wonderfully. The colour tends to deepen when drying but you do not loose any of the metallic effect.

I used it dry for during the day and although the colour is not as intense, it is a build-able formula. So you can get a deeper colour with practice.  The colour faded more quickly when wearing it dry. But when I say it faded quicker, don’t be fooled in to thinking it only managed a couple of hours.  It lasted 6 hours without fading. Which, is pretty awesome considering I am usually running around like a headless chicken for most of the day.

For more of a glam look I used it wet just to see what all the fuss was about.  I could lie and say I was going out for drinks or something. But in reality I am a mother of two, over active kids, and I don’t really go out for drinks all that much. A night in with my cosy pj’s and a good movie are so much more appealing nowadays. Must be because i’m turning 35 in a couple of weeks!!  Anyway.  Using the eye shadow with a wet brush was my favourite way to wear it.  The finish is amazing.  I thought that i’d loose the metallic look when the eye shadow dried but I did not. The colour deepens slightly but nothing that changes the colour dramatically.  I wore it throughout the day just as I did when I used it dry and it lasted 9 hours without even the slightest bit of fading. 

I also used an eye shadow primer before applying the eye shadow. Just to see what effect I would be left with. It was a much easier way to apply it and it gave the same look as when I applied it wet.  So, there is a little tip if you have never used a wet eye shadow before.  Apply a little eye primer and then pat on the eye shadow while the primer is still wet.  I would also recommend applying your eye shadow before your foundation. I know this is a rule of thumb for most and is the way most apply their makeup.  But, for us girls who are pushed for time, so always slap on our foundation first. Just a heads up, do not do that when applying this eye shadow. If you are using it wet. It will fall on your face and you will look like you have a horrible, dirty complexion.


I used the colour Stylishly Merry which is a mid tone dusty violet.  I love the colour purple. Because I have green eyes, purple really makes my eyes pop. If you have green eyes then you have to try this eye-shadow in this colour.  Green eyes is made all the more beautiful by wearing lilac, deep plum or any tone of purple. And once you try this you will love how your eyes look. It’s a medium-dark pink with lighter violet shimmer and an overall frosted finish when applied dry.  I have looked into buying a few of the other colours available. When looking through the reviews it seems that with each colour, you get a slightly different finish.  So its worth doing a little research before you selecting a colour.

Stylishly Merry is one of the more frosted when used dry. And is one of the most opaque when used wet.  There are a few that I have my eye on as they are meant to look amazing once dry when applied wet. I am going to try Havana next as its one of the most popular. I have seen some bloggers say great things about it. Another that seems to be very popular is  Smokey Mauve.  Both pictured below.

Smokey Mauve

Another great product, by an amazing company.  I’d love to know what your thoughts and findings are on this product.  Leave a comment below.  We love hearing from you all. 

Love, Laugh, Slay!


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