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Meet The MUA’s & MUE’s Of 2020 – 8 part series. (part 1)

Meet The MUA's & MUE's Of 2020 - 8 Part Series ( Part 1 )

This is a series of post’s featuring a group of Make Up Artist’s and Make Up Enthusiast’s who are set to be big in 2020.  We have everything you need to know about our creative line – up.  From age and location, to their favourite products, which cosmetics companies are tipped to be big in 2020, and what makeup means to them. 

Jacob Evans

Meet Jacob Evans.  Jacob is a 19 year old Cosmetology Student from Hesperia, California.   Jacob is a skill-full creator who plans to break down the barriers of what others perceive makeup to be with his masterful skills and captivating creations.   He wants everyone who comes across his work to be pushed or encouraged to think creatively. Find out more about Jacob, how you can find him via social media and loads more juicy gossip below, as we go through his Q & A’s during his interview for this nail biting article.

Question time with Jacob

I first had the pleasure of viewing Jacob’s dazzling work during a Twitter binge.  He goes by MakeupbyJxb on Twitter.  I will include the links for all of his social media platforms at the bottom of this post, but for now.  Here is how Jacob got on with The beauty and lifestyle blog’s Q+A time we were lucky enough to land with him.

Q1: How or when, did you find your passion for makeup??

A1:  I realised that makeup was more than just a passion to me when people started reacting to my looks. I had people saying that I inspired them or others. They also told me I was going to make a change within the community. That’s when I knew I wanted to make this my career and my life!

Q2:  What are your top 3 fave products of all time?

A2:  My top 3 products are Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blood Sugar Palette.  Maybelline – Matte Fit Me Foundation, and Milk – KUSH Mascara.

Q3:  What cosmetics brand do you use the most?

A3:  I use Jefree Star the most.  

Q4:  What tip or trick, that you have learned throughout your makeup journey, was a game changer for you?

A4:  A trick that really changed my makeup game, was making sure to wet my beauty blenders with warm water, not cold. It just melts whatever your blending, right into the skin, for a flawless application.

*A side note from The Beauty and Lifestyle Blog*

I have actually tried this tip and I’m telling you now it’s a total game changer, you have to try it!  Anyway, on with our cozy convo!

Q5:  Are there any up coming trends or products we should know about for 2020?

A5:  I really feel like neon makeup is gonna stick around in 2020, (that’s a YaY from us here at The Beauty & Lifestyle blog!! We love neon.) And I think that we’re gonna see more indie brands and micro-influencer’s come to the spotlight.

We are starting to think that Jacob may have some kind of psychic ability.  It’s actually number 2 on the list of 2020 makeup trends by Cosmopolitan Click right here if you want to see for yourself!! Scary!!

Jacob's personal message through makeup.

I gave just a brief summary of what Jacob is all about at the beginning of this post.  But here is Jacob describing, when asked the final question in this informative interview.

Closing question: “What personal message (if any) are you trying to send through the medium of makeup artistry”

Closing answer: If there’s one thing I’d like to highlight about me and my makeup journey. It’s that I wanna create art and looks that really break down the boundaries or ideas, of what people think makeup is. I wanna push everyone who sees my work, to think creatively and really just run wild with their makeup and their expression. I want to be able to look back 20 years from now, and be proud that I created work that I was fully happy with, and that was able to inspire people.

And that brings episode one of the “Meet the MUA’s & MUE’s Of 2020” series to an end.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jacob prefer’s the term MUA ( Make Up Artist ). 

You can find all of Jacob’s social media links below.  We have his YouTube Chanel, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts.  Join the other few thousand people in following him to be the first to know everything about this gifted and innovative influencer. 

Round Up

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If our interview, and the truly game changing tip given by Jacob has wet your appetite for more tricks of the trade.  Then head to our post ” Tips and tricks tried and tested by pro MUA’s”  It’s actually a whole load of very valuable information, that our resident makeup enthusiast picked up while assisting at a high end make up masterclass hosted by celebrity professional make up artist Lynn Mills.   So, click the link to check it out  Tip’s & Trick’s Tried & Tested By Pro MUA’s


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