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Meet The MUA’s & MUE’s Of 2020 – 8 Part Series (Part 2)

Meet The MUA's & MUE's Of 2020 - 8 part series part 2

This is a series of post’s featuring a group of Make Up Artist’s and Make Up Enthusiast’s who are set to be big in 2020.  We have everything you need to know about our creative line – up.  From age and location, to their favourite products, which cosmetics companies are tipped to be big in 2020, and what makeup means to them. 

Isabelle @IzzyDoesBeauty

Welcome to our second instalment of the 8 part series meet the mua’s and mue’s of 2020.  This week I would like for you all to meet Isabelle, or better known as IzzyDoesBeauty to her adoring Twitter community.  Isabelle is a full – time student studying a part time degree in psychological science with a major in advertising and a full time diploma in beauty therapy.  When studying a bachelor’s degree in psychology Isabelle’s parents asked what her main goal was for the end of the degree, and Isabelle could not think of an answer to give them.  Although she had a fondness for psychology, it wasn’t her true burning passion. Read on to find out all about her career switch, her beauty and makeup trend predictions for the year, and loads more nail biting material you will not want to miss!!

Question Time With Isabelle

I came across Izzy and her amazing finesse with makeup application when I was on the look out for some inspiration for a blog post.  My prayers were answered when I stumbled upon @IzzyDoesBeauty.  And I have been an avid follower of her makeup creations and uni life ever since.  Here is our Q + A time where you can get to know the wonderful Izzy. And have a chance to fall in love with her as much as we have.

Q1: How/when did you find your passion for makeup?

A1: I knew I enjoyed using makeup and I realised only a few months ago just how much of a passion it had turned into. I was studying a bachelors degree in psychology and was about to move into on campus accommodation. My parents asked what was my main goal at the end of this degree, and I honestly couldn’t answer. I loved psychology as a subject, but not as a career. And that’s when I realised that there is something I love and see as a career,  beauty and makeup. As of right now, I am now enrolled  full-time studying a diploma in beauty therapy.

Q2: What are your top 3 products of all time?

A2: These are my fave’s and most used products.  Ofra cosmetics – Soho highlighter. I can’t live without that highlighter, I swear. NYX – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop concealer. It’s my go-to in any situation and makes a perfect eye primer. Colourpop – BFF gel liners. I currently own 7 shades and I love them all and use them in every single look.

Q3: What tip or trick, that you have learned throughout your makeup journey was a game changer for you?

A3: Blending from darkest shade to lightest shade. When I started, I always use to pack a light colour close to the brows and work down to the lid, but now I pack the darkest colour close to the lid/crease and work my way up to the brows. It gives this seamless blend which I rely on in every look now!

* We love this tip so keep your eye out for our future post where we will trying this out for ourselves*

Q4: Which cosmetics brand do you use most often?

A4: Ofra cosmetics. I started my beauty journey with them and still use them right now. I love their products and all that the brand stands for.  I was absolutely honoured when I was added to their PR list.

Q5: Are there any trends, looks, brands or products that you think or know will be big in 2020?

A5: I feel like we are going to see a lot more completely blended out looks rather than harsh looks. We will probably see less cut creases. A cut crease is actually my go-to style, so I’m unsure how I feel about the trend becoming less popular but I think that makeup is headed in a different direction from recent trends. Also defined or feather brows. And I hope bold colour liners soon become a trend. I could really fall in love with a baby blue winged liner.

If you would like to check out @IzzyDoesBeauty then click the Twitter icon below to go direct to her profile.  You will not be disappointed.

Round Up

We contacted Izzy to ask her our closing question which includes a personal message from her.  She is busily studying at uni but she will be in touch soon to answer our final question. We will make sure we up date this post so that no one misses out on what our Isabelle has to say.

I hope you have enjoyed this second instalment of our 8 part series. If you missed out on the first part then Click Here to meet Jacob.  He is a skill-full creator and you will not want miss out on his makeup masterpieces. 

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Until the next instalment, goodbye and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

And remember… Slay like the queen you are!!

Live, Love, Slay!!!!


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