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Meet The MUA’s & MUE’s Of 2020 8 Part Series – Part 3

Meet The MUA's & MUE's Of 2020 - 8 Part Series ( Part 3 )

This is a series of post’s featuring a group of Make Up Artist’s and Make Up Enthusiast’s who are set to be big in 2020.  We have everything you need to know about our creative line – up.  From age and location, to their favourite products, which cosmetics companies are tipped to be big in 2020, and what makeup means to them.

Tara Brown

Welcome to part 3 of the 8 part series ” Meet the mua’s and mue’s of 2020 “.  Today I would like to introduce the beautiful Tara Brown. Tara is a 35 year old  doting mum of twin baby daughter’s and also son who is in first grade.  Originally from Philadelphia but now resides in New Jersey she is an absolute inspiration, and exudes elegance and dedication.  She sends a message of positivity, and to never give up on your dreams through the medium of makeup artistry.  Read on to learn more about Tara, as well as her social media platform details.  Once you have read this rip-roaring interview you will want to keep up to date on all of Tara’s latest looks.  

Question Time With Tara Brown

I had the pleasure of coming across Tara when I was searching YouTube for a review on the Shawn Dawson/Jeffree Star Conspiracy Theory Palette.  In fact, Jeffree himself actually watched Tara’s video and sent a tweet out into the Twittersphere about it.  That Tweet got Tara a lot of adoring fans via Twitter.  But, I don’t think that Tweet is what has kept them following her.  She sends such a positive message, read on to see her Q+A interview and to get straight from the horses mouth what it is she is trying to portray through the medium of makeup artistry.

Here is the Tweet from Jeffree, telling his Twitter tribe that he was off to watch Tara’s video on her review of the Conspiracy Theory palette.  I know aspiring makeup artist’s that would sell their grandparents to gain that type of recognition from such a star.  Well-done Tara, you deserve it girl!!  Now onto your interview.  

Q1: How/When did you realise you had not just a passion for but a real talent with makeup?

A1: I feel like I need to add a back story before answering this question. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids. After I gave birth to my twins in September 2018. I was overjoyed, but postpartum depression hit me, and it hit me hard. I turned to makeup as a creative outlet because I had very little time to myself. I wanted to use my “mommy time” to make myself feel better and hopefully inspire others. In July 2019 I started my Youtube Channel and began growing my following and online presence. Getting back to your question. I knew I had a passion but did not know I had a flair for it until I started putting myself out there. To my surprise, I started getting responses from others telling me that I helped them with their makeup. That was the moment I realised that I must have some sort of actual talent, to go along with my passion for makeup.

Q2: What are your top 3 products?
A2: My top 3 products that I absolutely love are:
1. Jeffree Star Jawbreaker palette.  It is such a versatile palette, you can do a bright, bold, extremely colorful look, or keep it completely natural and neutral.  Also the pigmentation is amazing And I never have fall out.
2. Nanacoco HD Perfection Foundation.  I can not say enough good things about their foundation!  It is vegan and cruelty free which is very important to me, and also full coverage while looking natural at the same time. It is also quite moisturising at the same time!! It is also waterproof!!!
3. Nanacoco Makeup Remover Wipes.  I know what you are thinking, makeup remover wipes, really?  Yes, absolutely.  I can take off a full face of over the top dramatic layers and layers of makeup with just one wipe!  On top of that my skin does not burn after and actually feels moisturised! Yes, my skin 100% feels moisturised with these wipes, and they brighten your skin too.  To top it all off they are formulated with rose, green tea, lotus and peach flower and they smell absolutely amazing!!
*Side Note from The Beauty And Lifestyle Blog*
We love the sound of these wipes.  They sound to good to be true.  But if our Tara says such a holy grail type face wipe is out there then it must be true.  Keep your eyes peeled as we will be reviewing these in the near future.  Thank you for the heads up Tara.  We love you!!
Q3: What tip or trick that you have learned throughout your makeup journey was a game changer for you.
A3: Okay, I have extremely hooded eyes, which makes it very difficult to do flawless eye looks and winged liner.  I have come across a “cut crease trick” that gives those with hooded eyes the illusion of having more lid space and less of a hood! So when you are doing your cut crease, you place concealer on you lid, and then look up, which causes your lid to fold up and puts the concealer above your natural crease and gives you what I like to call a guideline to draw your cut crease, thus creating the illusion of more lid space!
Q4: What cosmetics brand do you use most often?
A4: I would have to go with Nanacoco for this answer!  I have never been so impressed by every single product that I have tried from a company before. Their foundation is amazing, their concealer literally melts into your skin, their setting spray, which just launched is amazing, I could literally sit here all day and tell you how great each product is! 
Q5: Are there any trends, looks, brands or products that you think or know will be big in 2020?
A5: For 2020 I feel like blush is going to make a come back.  I see it being used in a much more intense way. Another I think will continue to be big in 2020 is bright bold eye looks. 
And BTW!! Tara certainly knows her stuff as blown-out-blush is number 6 in Marie-Claire’s article 10 Makeup trends of 2020 your going to see everywhere, and the predictions in this article are all by Adam Burrell!!  Top celebrity makeup artist Adam Burrell, Tara you have got what it takes to be bigger than Adam girl!!  Please don’t forget us when your huuuugeeee!!
That completes our question time but do not fret!!  We still have a personal message from Tara below.  As well as her social media links.

Tara's Personal Message

Tara describes her self as a Makeup Artist rather than a MUE. 

The term MUE which is actually a relativity new title I recently discovered, means Makeup Enthusiast.  Although she uses MUA she enjoys encouraging others to use makeup as a creative and emotional outlet.  I would describe Tara as not only a Makeup Artist, but also a Make Up Encourager.  Is that even a word?? If it’s not, it should be. If it’s not already in the dictionary then it definatley should be with a picture of Tara’s flawless, beautiful face bedside it.   To find out exactly why I feel this way about the incredibly skill-full Tara, then please read our closing question, and Tara’s answer.  This will give you a feeling of the type of person Tara is.

Closing Question“What personal message (if any) are you trying to send through the medium of makeup artistry”

Closing Answer:  I want those who see my makeup to be inspired to put themselves out there and reach their goals, whatever that may be . To not be afraid to try. I never thought at 35 I would be starting a YouTube channel and putting my looks out there on the internet for all to see. I want others to know its never too late to start your journey.  Everyone begins their journey at different stages in their life but we all have the same end goal….. To be happy and successful.  So, it doesn’t matter what age you are.  If it makes you happy then go for it.  

*End Of Interview*

Round Up

See, we told you she was a breath of fresh air. Tara is someone who would be the most perfect, loyal and supportive bff. She builds others up, she is compassionate and extremely humble. If you want to get to know our Tara then we would recommend checking out her YouTube channel as you get a real sense of who she is and just how friendly and warm she is. Click here to be taken direct to her YouTube Channel

She is a true inspiration for women like myself. Women who may feel that they are over the hill, or past it. We need more people like Tara in the world. She is a kind, warm-hearted individual and her positivity and light truly do shine through in her makeup creations.

This brings us to the end of part 3 of our 8 part series.  If you have missed out on part 1 or 2 then click here to meet Jacob who was our interviewee in part 1.  Or click here to meet Izzy who was a our interviewee in part 2.

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And don’t forget….

Live, Love, Slay!!!  Everyday!!


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