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Meet The MUA’S & MUE’S Of 2020 – 8 Part Series

Meet The MUA'S & MUE'S Of 2020 - 8 Part Series ( Part 4)

Welcome to part 4 of our 8 part series. This is a series of post’s featuring a group of Make Up Artist’s and Make Up Enthusiast’s who are set to be big in 2020.  We have everything you need to know about our creative line – up.  From age and location, to their favourite products, which cosmetics companies are tipped to be big in 2020, and what makeup means to them.

Meet Taylor Blackwell

This is the fourth installment of our 8 part series “Meet The MUA’S & MUE’S Of 2020”.  Today I take the pleasure in introducing Taylor Blackwell.  Also known as Taylor Blackstarr, MUA to her devoted Twitter followers.  Her handle is @blackstarrMU.  You will have the chance to follow her via Twitter and her other social platforms later in the post.  Taylor is a 25 year old veterinary assistant from California.  She is married to her adoring wife Aurora. Aurora is also a makeup enthusiast, you can find her Twitter link in Taylor’s opening statement on her Twitter profile. We may approach Aurora to see if we can feature her too but for now back to her loyal, and very beautiful wife. Taylor began her makeup journey back in only 2019, where she was enjoying the process of applying and wearing makeup.  She has worked on mastering her technique and honing her skills ever since.  It was December of 2019 that she found her hard work had paid off,  with ever growing compliments on her photo’s via Twitter she quickly became a firm favourite within the Twitter Makeup community.  You can see just how hard she has worked on perfecting her technique.  Her foundation application is flawless, her cut creases are sharp and her blending is as feathery and delicate as the fluffiest puppy.  Now read on to our Q+A’s to find out more on how this makeup newbie has flowered into a creative makeup artist with an incredibly bright future in only a couple of years. 

Question Time With Taylor Blackstarr, MU

It was sheer luck that brought my attention to Taylor.  Someone I already followed on Twitter shared one of her stunning pics and I just could not help but check out her profile.  I have been a follower ever since, I look forward to seeing what palette she is using and what she has created with said palette.  Once you start following her you easily get hooked on her beauty and skill. Read on to our gossip filled Q+A to find out more about this creative genius.

Q1: How/When did you realise you had not just a passion for but a real talent with makeup?

A1: My passion for makeup began in June of 2019. I started to practice my makeup application on myself more and more every day and realised I had a talent for it just recently in December 2019.

Q2: What are your top 3 products?

A2: My three most favourite products at the moment are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Volume 2 Pro Pigment Palette, and the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in any shade!

*Side Note*

You will find lots of Jeffree Star related posts on her Twitter feed.  She is clearly a big fan of the Makeup mogul, we love him too Taylor!!

Q3: What tip or trick that you have learned throughout your makeup journey was a game changer for you.

A3: Transitioning from just an eyebrow pencil to Dipbrow pomade and other products have really changed up my brow game!

Q4: What cosmetics brand do you use most often?

A4: My most used makeup brand would have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills, with Jeffree Star cosmetics being a very close second.

Q5: Are there any trends, looks, brands or products that you think or know will be big in 2020?

A5: I feel as though multiple cut creases, extreme blending, and more blush/colorful blush will become a new trend in 2020. As for a brand that will grow even more and be on trend will be Anastasia Beverly Hills, as Norvina is creating a lot more.

And we think that she may be on to something in her predictions for up coming make up trends.  Just read the opening statement in this post from Cosmopolitan 15 Best Spring 2020 Makeup Trends To Copy ASAP

She knows her stuff for sure. 

That concludes our Q+A with Miss Blackstarr.  You can follow her via the links below, and don’t go just yet.  We are not quite finished yet.  Although that completes our Q+A read on for Taylor’s own personal message.

Taylor's Personal Message

We wanted to finish off with a question which would show the personality of each of our featured artists so we came up with this little doozy of a question.

Closing Question: “What personal message (if any) are you trying to send through the medium of makeup artistry”

Closing Answer: I want people to take away the idea that they can do anything they want when it comes to makeup . I want them to see they can express themselves in any way they choose! I wish to portray art, creativity, fun and skill. I want people to be able to see my growth and know that with persistence and practice they can do anything they set their mind to.

*End Of Interview*

Round Up

She sends such a positive personal message and its one that will resonate with most.  We love Taylor, her hard work has really paid off.  She has mastered a skill that some take a lifetime to perfect as well as she has.  She is an inspiration to those out there who may think that they are just not good enough at something or who might feel that what they are reaching for is just to far from there grasp.  Keep going, keep practising, do your best and you will become the best you can possibly be, Taylor is living proof of that and we love the bones of her for it.

That concludes part 4 of our 8 part series.  If you have missed the first three parts then do not fear my beautiful friend, we have you covered.  To read part one where we featured the creative wizard Jacob Click here 

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And that wraps up this weeks instalment, until the next time, goodbye my friends.

And remember, Live, Love, Slay everyday!!!


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