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Find out what other’s think about this blog in general as well as some reviews on the lucky colour makeup match.  Don’t know about the lucky colour makeup match? What? You don’t know about colour me lucky?!  Don’t worry just Click Here to be taken the the colour me lucky about page which will fill you in on the details.  

Now on to some reviews, testimonials and some random thoughts from our little community.

I don't usually leave reviews for things like this but I enjoyed this so much I just had let anyone else that's taken an interest in colour me lucky that you should give it a try.  It was really interesting I really got into it. But it wasn't just about the lucky colour's and makeup tips for me.

I had been feeling very low after giving birth to my son, I took part thinking that maybe the makeup tips would help me feel better about myself and I'm kind of into star sign's and stuff so it seemed right up my street.  The best part for me though was the support, feeling part of something and the community spirit involved.  We all posted pics of our looks there was small prizes for the most creative and since no one was an expert I did not feel intimidated to post my look.

I still like wearing my lucky colours when I'm going somewhere special and I have actually painted my son's room in his lucky colour.  Anything is worth a try to be closer to that best life right?? Anyway, I really enjoyed it, I met loads of great girls and a few lads.  A great wee concoction of makeup, positivity and horoscopes, 3 things all girls love.

Thanks Anni for introducing me to this. I've looked into taking a Feng Shui course. I want to do more things around the house to improve the flow of positivity. Look at me I sound like a pro already ha .


All the best for 2020


Andrea Malcom

North Lanarkshire

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